Frequently Asked Questions

Do we wash our produce?

Whilst many hydroponic farms, both in Australia and worldwide, do not wash their produce, we believe it is best practice to wash our leafy produce in a food safe wash. We then spin our products (in a washing machine) to take out the excess moisture, before it is packed ready for our customers to use.

The cool-chain process

Our produce is harvested early in the morning and late in the afternoon, to maximise the levels of nutrients and water retained in the plants. The produce is then stored in our cold-store at 4.5 degrees, until  it is prepped, washed and packed, ready for delivery first thing in the morning. Our delivery vehicles are refrigerated to enable our products to maximise their shelf life and come to you WITH CRUNCH!

Are we spray-free?

Our focus is on the best possible produce being sold from our farm. We are not organic accredited (see below) but we do have a 'minimal spray' program. We do not spray as a matter of course, but rather only if there is an issue. We minimise the use of harsh chemicals and seek natural alternatives where we can. All our seedlings are 'dunked' in a microbial, organic bath before being planted, to maximise their health and growth.

 Are we organic?

This is something we are asked all the time. Organic farming practices are where there is the avoidance of artificial fertilisers, chemicals, pesticides, using GMO crops and artificial additives. Organic certification is not actually required in Australia. Salads@palmwoods are not registered as organic. Because our products are not grown in the ground, we avoid soil borne diseases. The nutrient feed we give to our plants is mostly natural minerals. We also have a minimal spray program for disease and insects - we only spray when needed and observe the safe harvest interval.