Our Story

Marnee & Nick purchased Salad@palmwoods in July 2019, having worked on soft fruit and salad farming projects for other companies for many years. They are both passionate about farming, fresh produce and their team around them.

Since they took over they have updated systems, improved quality and modernised practices. Satisfied customers include Sunshine Coast Restaurants, Chefs, Supermarkets, Retailers and foodies. 

Trade took a significant downturn in March 2020, due to Covid-19. From early April, they opened their farm to both farm-gate and home delivery services. Not only are they selling their lettuce, herbs and winter vegetables, they have also expanded to sell seedling trays and potted herbs, as they wish to keep this side of the business running for local peeps.

Marnee - "We are so grateful to the local Sunshine Coast community who are supporting us direct, as we go through this difficult time." We are happy to be able to continue to supply the freshest of local produce.

Lush, Local Lettuce, Winter vegetables and Herbs are now available via farmgate sales or delivered direct to your door!

Thanks for your support Sunny Coasters