Why we are different to other salad farmers

The Director of Salads@palmwoods is mindful of the UN's 17 sustainable goals to transform our world. Our company undertakes the following because we believe sustainability for this planet is integral to life:

Zero hunger - Near 100% of our prepared product that is not sold is distributed to Ozharvest, Gateway Care and Second Bites - organisations that provide food for the less fortunate in our community

Good Health and Wellbeing - we have a minimal spray program in place. We do not spray weekly, only when required. We always use natural products when we are able. We have reduced the need for harsh sprays by using an organic seaweed product that is applied to all our seedlings.

Quality Education - due to a government grant, Salads@palmwoods is training all of our permanent staff in Sales Techniques, through The Sales Squad

Gender Equality - Salads@palmwoods has more women than men employed on this farm, which is not a normal occurrence on many farms.

Clean Water and sanitation - we are fortunate enough to have natural water sources for our growing needs. We recycle all of our water. We are also looking at ways to reduce the amount of water that the farm uses.

Affordable and clean energy - our major form of transport on the farm is an electric golf buggy which is rechargeable.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure - Salads@palmwoods is always looking at ways to use innovation to better our farming practices.

Responsible Consumption and Production - we use ziplock bags for most of our products, trying to avoid the single-use plastic bags. We hope to move to bio-degradable/compostable packaging as soon as possible. We re-use all cardboard boxes for delivery.

We are keen to continue being a sustainable farm, with sustainable development goals.