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This is by far our most popular dressing and our best seller. Ginger flavours to the front of the palate with a big lime zesty finish.

Brief Description
Made with orange zest and port. This dressing is just not for salads. It also makes a great dessert option.

The 500 ml family size is great value. Comes in a recyclable plastic bottle so its very kitchen friendly.

The 100ml is Now available in a GLASS 100 ml dorica style bottle, complete with pourer insert. Great for all your entertaining needs or gift idea

Helping bring communities together by why of; BBQ essential, travelling companion, picnic-friendly, dinner table condiment, basically all of your entertaining needs.

Usage Suggestions

  • Mix with strawberries, mint & cracked pepper for a refreshing fruit salad
  • Use this flavour as an ice cream topper
  • Add 2 Tablespoon to Sparkling Mineral Water for a healthier fizzy drink
  • Use on Poached eggs, Smoked Salmon & Avocado
  • Great cheese or antipasto platter condiment
  • Drizzle over seafood risotto
  • Pairs well with peppery rocket salads
  • Marinate Chicken or Duck